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Is this the end of video production businesses?

OpenAi released their new feature called "Sora" and it's their new text-to-video model. Should video production companies, creators, video producers be scared? Read what we think about it here.

Let's be honest, the results they presented on their website are incredible. The feelings from people in the business are going from utterly impressed, to deep down scared.

The examples feature giant mammoths in a snowy meadow, an animated close-up of a short fluffy monster and many more. All made with prompts.

To answer the question in the title, if Sora is the end of video production businesses?

It's not. At least not for a long time. In times where nearly everyone is now a content creator and able to produce high quality content just with the phone, society is seeking for authentic content. Content that shows us the real world, real people, real opinions. Nowadays we recognise an ad within 3 seconds. It gets harder and harder to sell us something and get our attention.

"Not only do we scroll fast, we also make decisions fast. 1.5 seconds fast."

This means our content has to be real. Authentic. And that's what AI cannot do. That's why it is extremely important that regulations need to be in place. Not only because the potential is so high that fake news can be generated in video form, scams and phishing attacks but also non-consensual video creation for blackmailing and many more harmful tactics.

Are there any positive sides to this new shiny medal?

Of course. And as we always say when it comes to AI: Use it, try it, test it but also respect it. From a video producer point of view, we can use it to quickly show clients a storyboard of the actual video, without creating moodboards, scripts and research pictures that bring the concept to life. But it can also help teachers, parents, and people in general who have to explain complex situations very fast and in a visual way.

Summarised, if humans can manage to regulate and find ways to ensure that it's used in a responsible and safe way, society could benefit from it.

Will you use Sora for your business?

  • Absolutely yes!

  • No.

  • Not sure yet, depends on regulations.


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