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ChatGPT prompts that help boost your Instagram presence

These ChatGPT prompts can give you the inspiration for your Instagram presence you need. Incorporate ChatGPT into your Instagram strategy and watch your brand's narrative come to life. Scroll down and let us know if these were helpful.

ChatGPT Prompts for Content Creation

Do: Use ChatGPT as a source of inspiration.

Don't: Copy / Paste! Make it your own.

In the dynamic realm of Instagram content creation, finding fresh and engaging ideas is key to standing out. Enter ChatGPT, your revolutionary companion in the journey of crafting captivating content that resonates with your audience.

Prompt #1 - Product / Service based feed post

My industry is (insert your industry). Come up with 5 content ideas, centered around (your product / service) and write it in tabular format by giving different formats, for example carousal, single images.

Prompt #2 - Instagram Story slides with CTA

Generate 5 Instagram story slides that showcase (your product / service) as the solution for (insert pain points of your target audience) and include a call to action on the last slide.

Prompt #3 - Smart Instagram bio with CTA

Create 3 different versions of an Instagram Bio for (include what your company offers) within 150 characters in 3-4 separate lines, use relevant emojis in every line and a call to action to drive people to my DMs or the link in my bio.

Prompt #4 - Inspirational quotes & images

My industry is (insert your industry). Come up with 5 different versions of image posts, centered around inspirational quotes that fit to my industry and give me examples of possible images to use.

Prompt #5 - Polls to learn more about your clients/community

My industry is (insert your industry). Generate 5 different versions of polls that my target audience who is interested in (include your product / service) would ask before contacting / hiring / buying / ordering from me.

You want to learn more about ChatGPT or in general about Digital Communications, Content Strategies?

Write us an email or fill out the request form and get in touch with us. Auch in Deutsch.

Disclaimer: While ChatGPT is a powerful tool, the human touch remains paramount. Use ChatGPT prompts as a foundation and infuse your unique perspective to create truly authentic content. Remember, the magic is in the mix—of technology and your creative essence.


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